the evolution of men’s fashion

The 2010s was a decade for many things. It was the decade when Trump was elected president of the United States, the decade Thanos killed half of the Avengers only for them to come back in the next movie, and the one where we saw real pictures of a black hole for the first time.

The 2010s was also, strangely, a decade of coming together- one of collaborations. This resulted in an unlikely union in the world of fashion between streetwear and formal wear. It is a marriage which was characterised perfectly when Pharrell Williams walked on stage at the 2015 Grammys to receive his award sporting an Adidas suit made from reflective material, paired with the 3-stripes shorts, a crisp button down, and a bow tie. The look was out-of-place, but resoundingly revolutionary.

A few years later, stalwarts on both sides of the fence can’t deny that this coming together of two completely different schools of thought was bound to happen- whether it is the appointment of Virgil Abloh (founder, Off-White) as the artistic director of Louis Vuitton, or Supreme releasing a 2 piece suit as part of their 2018 summer collection. So, if you are invested in the highest quality bespoke suits, or maybe you are a hardcore sneakerhead- how do you diversify your wardrobe in order to reap the benefits of this burgeoning fashion trend? Here are some simple tips to add some pop to your look-

socks, ties, & pocket squares

If you’re a person who wears a 3-piece suit every day, chances are you have major reservations about this new fashion trend. Don’t worry, nobody is asking you to wear a snap-back hat to work just yet.

Start small- the most subtle changes can go a long way in radically improving your look. Socks are the easiest way, add in some red and green socks during the festive season, a baby blue in spring- something to stand out.

This way, as long as you are sitting or standing straight, there’s no telling what’s wrapped around those ankles. The moment you cross your legs in a casual setting, however, your added flair will be on full display.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can venture into ties and pocket squares- maybe represent the sports team from your hometown or channel your spirit animal.


Another route to go in order to add some pop to your look would be to accessorize. A tucked in chain, rings, or a watch will completely change the energy you radiate.

A little bit of bling will help accentuate the finer details of your outfit, while giving you the edge in bid to stand out in a crowd. High quality jewellery like diamonds and platinum also act as a societal status symbol, so you can rake in the clout while keeping it classy.

t-shirts and sneakers

Like many of us at CG, if you’ve been thinking about entering the world of streetwear for a while and are excited about the prospects of this new fashion trend, you can take it a step further than just ties and jewellery. Wear a solid crewneck under your bespoke suit for that business-casual brunch meeting on the weekend.

We know clunky Yeezy 700s don’t quite fit the bill for a business casual look yet, but there’s plenty of sleek sneakers to go around. For the uninitiated, a good starting point would be Vans Old Skools, these shoes will go with just about any outfit. If you feel like venturing further, Stan Smiths or Nike SBs would be the direction to head in.

button-downs and chinos

Meanwhile, for our skater friends on the other side of the fence, the easiest way into the world of luxury wear is simple shirts and trousers. Dump your supreme tee for a linen button-down, swap those grey sweats for some tapered fit chinos occasionally. Sooner than you know, you’ll be browsing Brioni suits with your mouth watering

There will be plenty of naysayers who will talk about how this trend is just a fad, and that it’s bound to pass. We here at CG however, disagree with this sentiment. Hype wear is here to stay, and top brands like Dior and Louis Vuitton are smart to recognise this. The best part is that it doesn’t change what’s already there- we will continue to make traditional bespoke suits and Nike will continue to make Jordans. For the fainthearted, you can stick to your tried and tested look, but for those with an open mind- the horizon of fashion is bound to expand.

Well Gents! That concludes our deep-dive into the world of men’s fashion. To ensure that information described above is one that you remember refer to it frequently. Make sure to stay-tuned to our Gentleman 101 series for everything and more on living a lifestyle of chivalry. If you derived any entertainment or education from this piece, please share the post with others who you think may enjoy such content. Till next time gents, stay chivalrous!