quarantine like a true gentleman

Gentlemen, as I’m sure you are all aware, the world is suffering from the consequences of a rogue pandemic. COVID-19 has taken the world by storm and despite your opinions on the matter, most countries significantly affected by the virus have decided to formally impose social-distancing measures, a practice of self-quarantining.

Though some of us, rightfully so, may consider such measures redundant, it is our responsibility to encourage unity in such catastrophic times. As such, we at CG have compiled a list of disciplines you can continually practice (during quarantine) to ensure that your mind is as sharp as ever and devoid of unnecessary information.

Like all calamities, this shall pass too. Just make sure you come out on the right side of things when it does. Remember, such a catastrophe shouldn’t give you the excuse to count your efforts obsolete, work is still work. As far as you are concerned, in terms of your goals and achievements, it is business as usual.

caution: all of the disciplines provided below will only aim to further your self-development and business goals. if you’re looking for Netflix recommendations, you are, undoubtedly, on the wrong site – feel free to have a read through anyways.

encourage normality

With the exception of practicing social distancing and updating your hygiene measures, as far as your lifestyle is concerned nothing has changed. Unless you’ve been living a substandard lifestyle, in that case, everything has changed. Don’t let quarantine serve as an excuse for letting your life remain in a period of stagnation. Of course, there are some factors we may not have immediate control over, which is all the more reason for us to discipline ourselves in the factors that we do have control over.

The first of these factors is exercise. Keep exercising. We cannot stress this enough. If you are currently based in a country which has imposed quarantine restrictions, find a way to implement exercise in your daily schedule. We live in a world where all kinds of information are accessible within seconds. Use that to your advantage. If you lack the equipment, then either purchase it online or use what you have. Get creative – fill up back-packs with books and use them as a replacement to the typical weights you would find in a gym. Adjust your workouts to focus around body-weight exercises and plyometrics. There’s a plethora of information out there, get moving. No excuses.

Experiment with your days, see what works for you. Continually adjust your routine to see what keeps you at your most productive. Now that you have some time on your hands, try different things. Different methods and techniques you can apply to your current lifestyle that could potentially shift you a ‘level-up’. Perhaps try intermittent fasting for your fitness goals, or consider applying the uberman sleep schedule to gain an abundance of time. You never know what might work for you.

change perspectives

Pessimism is easy. Pointing out everything wrong with the world allows us to refrain from holding ourselves accountable. The truth is, the world isn’t in the best place right now. Economies are tumbling, people are dying, and chaos is commandeering day-to-day life.

The herd is in panic-mode, bulldozing over one another in an effort to stockpile toilet paper. We urge you to devoid yourself of that mentality. You can live without toilet paper.

Find positivity in the smallest of things, bring light to where it is absent. Consider how quarantine has freed up some of your time to pursue your passion, how you now have the time to build on that one idea you thought about months ago. Don’t think about it, just move, action is key.

Realize how this tragedy has exemplified the need for physical connection. In a world where our utility is derived from the number interactions we have online, the importance of being physically present is fading. Perhaps this misfortune can be considered a lesson. We aren’t aiming to downplay the severity of the situation, instead, we are suggesting a ‘glass is half-full’ approach.

be greedy

‘Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy only when others a fearful’ phrased by the legendary investor, Warren Buffet, this phrase speaks to the abundance of opportunities that appear in times of misfortune. Such crises, tend to deflate the prices of over-inflated assets, as such prices of investment goods tend towards their intrinsic value (if not below).

That being said, our intention is not to provide financial advice, but rather to encourage you to look for opportunities. Grab a microscope and browse through every aspect of your industry (or any industry) that may have been affected or could be affected by the virus. Hypothesize pitfalls and investigate expansionary possibilities, so when it is all said and done, you not only come out unscathed, but also a more well-developed person.

Though such advice may seem obvious, there are too many that take the concept of quarantine as an excuse to do nothing. Nothing.

If you do happen to find an opportunity don’t just jump in, recall that although now is the time to be greedy, there is still value in being fearful. Fear combats impulsiveness. The goal isn’t to encourage risk, but rather to find opportunities to limit risk. Ask yourself the following questions before you decide to pull the trigger on any decision, as ultimately, only you are liable for your decisions – Is there a move I can make to acquire an asset at a cheaper price? Can I sustain an expansion? Am I financially and emotionally prepared if things get worse? Would utilizing patience result in a negative or positive outcome?

Keep in mind that not all opportunities need be rewarding solely in a monetary capacity, perhaps there are other things in life that provide you with utility. Explore what those things are, and see if your current situation enables you to act upon them.

Well Gents! That concludes our deep-dive into the world of a gentleman’s lifestyle. To ensure that the information described above is one that you remember, refer to it frequently. Make sure to stay-tuned to our Gentleman 101 series for everything and more on living a lifestyle of chivalry. If you derived any entertainment or education from this piece, please share this post with others who you think may enjoy such content. Till next time gents, stay chivalrous!