the necktie; a sophisticated accessory

In one way or another what we now know as neckties have been around for centuries. To give you some insight, we have to take you back to China in 210 B.C.

China’s first emperor, Qin Shih Huang, wished for his army to be buried with him so he could ensure that they would serve as his protectors in the afterlife.

Upon the emperor’s death, his terracotta army was buried alongside him in the same burial ground.Each statue sported a wrapped neckcloth, which is now known as the earliest predecessor to the modern-day tie.

the inception of the modern necktie

Over the next few decades neck-wear began to gain significant traction, however, it wasn’t until the 1920s where Jesse Langsdorf patented the all-weather wrinkle-free necktie.

Soon after World War II, the concept of fashion for appeal took off and men began to take interest in their appearance.

The demand for formal clothing began to explode, which ultimately led to the introduction of ties, printed in bold geometric designs.

The fashion craze of the 20s encouraged five-inch thick ties, made from silk and rayon fabrics. By the 50s men’s fashion to a 180-degree turn and began favoring ‘slim-jim’ ties, where a lot of the time a bootlace around the neck would be considered as a tie.

Fortunately, this trend didn’t transpire for too long, by the 60s we were back to wide ties and psychedelic designs.

¬†sporting a necktie in today’s world

In today’s world, a gentleman has too many options. Everything is mass-produced in large variety, anything goes as far as a novelty necktie is concerned.

Want a picture of your dog plastered across your tie? Sure. Perhaps a hula-dancer dancing as your tie swings? Absolutely. Maybe the Chief’s logo embroidered on your red and yellow tie? Hmm…let me think about it.

As you can imagine, to this day, custom neck-ties are still very popular. There are a plethora of companies here in the United States who specialize in the production of pure silk ties.

Everything from the color to the lining of the tie is paid attention to with the finest amount of detail, in fact, many companies implore their manufacturers to engage in handmade production.

A crucial element to a necktie that many aren’t aware of is its lining. The lining used in a tie directly affects the weight of a tie, as well as its ability to form a beautiful knot.

 finding the best neckties

Our exposure to a large variety of ties raises questions of quality. Now more than ever, the quality of clothing is susceptible to deeper and deeper troughs as companies engage in price-wars due to fierce competition.

In most cases, reducing the price of an item is only sustainable if the quality of the product falls with the price. In our opinion, fashion is an investment.

It isn’t the most necessary investment, but regardless it is an investment – it should be built with care and quality.

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If you have a little bit to spare, you can’t go wrong with the every-stylish Tom Ford necktie collection.

For those of you not looking to make such an investment yet, not to worry, there are plenty of other high-quality ties at a more affordable rate.

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