a suit’s functionality

One of the biggest misconceptions about bespoke suits is the supposed limited use and functionality a suit may have.

With increasingly relaxed workplace dress codes across the globe, an office that was home to only suit-clad gentlemen 20 years ago has CEOs reporting in polos now. People underestimate a suit’s functionality.

Therefore, that suit you buy for an interview ends up in the back of your wardrobe collecting dust, waiting for the next wedding or gala. This trend pains us at CG, as there is so much lost potential if you are only using your suit for strictly formal events. 

Your suit is very capable of being the ‘swiss army knife’ of your wardrobe and can adjust to almost any setting or event.

Here are different ways to dress up your suit in order to maximize the functionality of your premium bespoke suit-

for the day out

Maybe you’re at the races, or enjoying brunch at the pool before a business meeting- we would recommend wearing the classic two-piece, but with cotton or linen shirt inside.

Skip the ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks- maybe rock a silver chain instead. It’s a cool and classic look while making sure you look sharp.

Leave the top of your shirt unbuttoned for good measure. Leverage your suit’s functionality to your own advantage.

 for the casual workplace

Do you work for a tech start-up that is on its way to blow up? Do you wear a crew-neck and jeans to work almost every day?

No need to change anything, just slide on your bespoke suit over your usual attire, only at the risk of significantly upgrading your look. A suit’s functionality is often likened to that of a Swiss-army knife, with a little bit of creativity you can go a long way.

Casual, modern, and classy.

Given everyone in your office probably wears oversized Marvel t-shirts, just this simple change will markedly lift your look and set you apart.

 for the tried and tested

Beyond all the experimentation, there are places where it is a gross disservice not to wear a suit in it’s truest and unhampered form.

There are people who show up to black tie events, galas, and weddings in t-shirts and hoodies; either in a bid to set them apart from a crowd or for a lack of trying.

Well; the most foundational fashion advice we here at CG have to offer is that one does not need to look bad in order to stand out.

Do yourself a favor and wear a suit; or better yet, browse our catalogs if you don’t own one.

Well Gents! That concludes our deep-dive into the world of men’s fashion. To ensure that the information described above is one that you remember, refer to it frequently. Make sure to stay-tuned to our Gentleman 101 series for everything and more on living a lifestyle of chivalry. If you derived any entertainment or education from this piece, please share this post with others who you think may enjoy such content. Till next time gents, stay chivalrous!